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Wild West City-Builder meets Top-Down Shooter

Challenge your shooting and management skills in this indie game, settled in the lonely western town of Cattlestone, Texas, 1887.

Build. Fight. Unite.

You play as Jack Lloyd, the new sheriff in town and also a skilled-gunman. Jack teamed up with Darlene Cassidy, a red-haired girl who has supernatural abilities and has been accused as a witch. Together, you and Darlene have to rebuild, protect and improve the life quality of Cattlestone.

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Gunman And The Witch on Steam

This is the BETA version of Gunman and the Witch and it's available for anyone with no charge!

Our goal is to make an indie game that combines City Builder genre with Top-Down Shooter settled in the Wild-West era.


Since this is work-in-progress. There might be bugs and glitches, so please help us by reporting them using our issue reporter on GitHub or send your comment directly to our game pages ( on Steam Early Access, Itch.io, and GameJolt )

The best way to support our game is to give us your feedback! We take all of your comments seriously and we'd love to hear what you like or dislike about the game. You can also tell us what you like to see in the future so we can start to improve Gunman And The Witch together!


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GunmanAndTheWitch/

Twitter :


Issue Reporter :



There'll be new updates on Steam Early Access, Itch.io and GameJolt.com. Please follow our Twitter and Facebook Page: Gunman and the Witch for the latest news and updates.ste


This product is copyrighted and protected. The creators claim full rights of this product as intellectual property. By download and play this game product, the player agrees to these legal-binding agreements:

  1. The player can download, play, and make a copy of this BETA version for free. 
  2. Re-selling, Editing, Modifying, and Re-distributing (such as reposting the game file on websites or publishing the game file on public sources in any forms) are not allowed. 


We're using Unity Analytics service to collect your game data. This helps us to understand how the player reacts to each component of the game and make it easier to improve our game mechanics. So, please connect to the internet while playing and allow us to collect your game data. 

If you don't have access to the internet right now, don't worry! just keep playing. Your game data will be stored and sent to us next time you play with the internet connection.


Our Team

We're a team of 5 indie game developers and college students from KMUTT, Bangkok, Thailand. Our team consists of :

Creator and Lead Developer
Phun Peeticharoenthum (Phant)

Wichayuth Luaengtawekul (New)

2D Artist
Noppasin Ngamsanguanprapa (Nine)

Programmer and Tester
Jeeratumrong Nakpracha (Mui)

UI Designer
Pawika Khampawong (Bum)

Contact us :
E-mail : GunmanAndTheWitch@gmail.com

© All rights reserved


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Setup FIle (.exe) for Beta 2.1 54 MB

Development log


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So far the experience is good and I like the game's concept.I like how you combined management and shooting in this game.Also I found this glitch in  the game when you try to employ some people,I pressed somewhere else(outside the box) other than the "+" button.So it just kinda stayed that way.

controller support would be cool

i am disabled it is difficult for me to use keyboard

but the game is cool. i like it takes me back to the atari 2600 days

good job guys

I'm excited to see the Steam release.

It's a pretty cool concept, and I think the 2 genres blend really well with this game! Unfortunately for me my computer/ my game kept running into problems, and ultimately I had to end recording before I was even done with the tutorial (ran into a bug to talk to Darlene when I was ready and it wouldn't let me).

Hope you enjoy the video 

Sorry you have to experience that :( I'll look into it right away. Thank for playing 😃

If this isn't the final product what is? I love the mood, you really nailed it. Is it a 3d with 2d elements? Or a full 2dscene? GG

it won't let me run it on windows

Can you provide more detail please?

Wowzers! This is an amalgamation of so many genres that I'm a huge fan of! City builders have long been one of my favourite types of game, going back from Sim City to Metropolismania and Constructor, and this seems to slam all of those ideas together.

Then you throw in the top-down shooter element, and I pretty much grew up with games similar to that type. And there's also the extra little extras, like the fact you have a magic-wielding witch on your side too!

In fact, there's so much to do and keep an eye on that I found myself losing track of things quite often, and I know I ended up not utilising one or two of the elements as much as I should have, and by the time a gang of roving outlaws arrived to shoot up my town I'd barely had the chance to put anything together!

That being said though, I still had a barrel-load of fun playing around with the building and the shooting bad guys and even a bit of the magic (when I remembered about it being there), and will be playing a lot more of this as the development continues. I'll be here cheering you all on from the sidelines so keep up the great work! =)

Anyone out there looking for something a little bit new but a little bit familiar feeling at the same time better grab themselves a hold of this beta as well!


Thank for your feeback :)


Definitely like the concept, it makes me think of Shakedown Hawaii a little bit

Interesting concept. The UI needs some time to get used to but as long as there aren't bands of outlaws going up and down the road every 2 minutes you can learn. :)


I'll be working on difficulty progression so that  enemies won't come too often in the next version. Thanks!

(1 edit) (+1)

Quest and event prompting need to be fixed too. Please check back later in a week or two :)

Following you here, keep up the good dev work! :) 

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


I see you discovered some bugs there. I'm working on it now. Thanks. 🤣