Beta 2.1 is arrived!

There are 17 bug fixes and improvements in Beta 2.1

6 Fixed Bugs

- Fixed the bug where pausing while in a conversation will lead to freezing.

- Fixed the bug where Building Info Interface is still visible while placing buildings.

- Fixed the bug where some tutorials can't be completed.

- Fixed the bug where the 'SetOwner' button is still visible on Civilian Manager Interface.

- Fixed the bug where sometimes Civilian Reporter Interface doesn't show up.

- Fixed the bug where sometimes Civilian Reporter Interface animation is not playing

11 UX Improvements 

- Some of the game features will need to be unlocked by completing the tutorials such as Building features, Darlene's powers. and etc.

- Fix the typo 'Ungraded' 

- Building Activities will now be unable to access while assigning workers.

- Added 'Gameplay Setting' Interface before starting a new game for adjusting gameplay experience.

- Pressing T can be used to enter the conversation with the NPCs.

- Added 'Story Progression Bar' during Prologue.

- Display the location of assigned civilians when hovering over Civilian Slots.

- Disabled the 'Skip Time' button.

- Correcting the sorting layer of the closed sign on buildings.

- Optimized character generating process to reduce framerate drops.

- Stop time mechanics during Prologue.


Setup FIle (.exe) for Beta 2.1 54 MB
3 days ago

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